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"Andy's Facebook Video ads course gave me several "ah ha" moments and gave me clarity on the complicated world of Facebook Video Ads. As a video producer, I was interested in the video aspect, but the strategy and execution that Andy demonstrates is cutting edge. You will definitely walk away with a better understanding of the the Facebook Video ads program after learning from Andy Ryan."

- Derek Lau, Executive Producer at aideM Media Solutions Inc.


Great Mentorship

"Thank you for your course and your mentorship. In less than 45 days I got my first broker on board. I didn't even get through my whole presentation, he was so excited. So thank you so much. You have a great course, great teaching, great mentorship. Thank you so much.

- Gregory Falicia, Owner of The Local Business Experts

Go-to Expert

"Hey Andy, Great presentation on how to set-up and run FB ad campaigns.  Your walkthrough provided many AH-HA moments and actionable take-aways.  You're now my FB goto "expert". Thank you!!"

- Landi Morgan, President at Driven Results Marketing

you will be amazed

"I knew that I needed to start doing facebook video ads for my business but I just didn’t know what steps to take to get this to work for me.  Andy Ryan taught me everything I needed to know to get me the traffic I was looking for, from my facebook ads.  You will be amazed on everything you will learn and watch your business grow in the process!  Thank you Andy!"

- David Frye, Owner at Magic Your Way Weddings


"I appreciated how you simplified what needed to be included in a FB ad."

- Lori Llewellyn Director of Human Resources at Addiction Recovery Systems

hire andy

"I was on Andy's training and had 2 MAJOR ah-ha moments!  They had to do with figuring out who exactly you want to target to see your ads and then asking them a question that is so directed towards them that they have to say "Yes, that's me!" Those 2 points alone are well worth the price of admission...let alone the rest of the step-by-step training he is including. We all know that people are on Facebook, so if you want to learn how to use Facebook ads to reach more of your potential customers, then I highly recommend Andy's training. You will walk away with actionable information you can use immediately!  Or if you're don't want to learn and do it yourself...hire Andy!"

- Michelle Duplechan, Owner Duplechan Marketing Solutions


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