Snapchat: The Fun App With A Bad Rep

You’re in the bathroom just after an intense meeting. You’ve just received great news but during the meeting you were sweating profusely. How do you tell your friends that you are both excited but slightly embarrassed. You pull your smartphone out and debate what app to open. Should you post it to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? A message won’t do this justice. A picture must be taken to get the severity of your pit stains. You want to share this hilarious scenario but don’t want it posted for all the world to see or for someone to use as blackmail. You’re not looking to have a conversation about it, you just want to make your friends laugh. Snapchat is your answer. The one-way picture messaging app that self destructs like Inspector Gadget’s messages from the chief.

Snapchat is at an all time high in popularity right now.  It’s been in the news recently for declining a $3 Billion offer from Facebook. Seriously, three billion dollars. You could purchase a new Toyota Camry every day for 274 years. That’s a lot of money. Snapchat has also been in the news for being a sexting app. The media believes that teens and college kids are sending lewd photos of themselves because of the view-once-and-it’s-gone feature of Snaphat. Are kids really doing this? Possibly, but not as much as they are using it just to have fun.

Brands and celebrities have been using Snapchat to get information out that may not be appropriate for a full media blitz with proper marketing and graphics. It’s also letting them have fun with their followers without having a permanent footprint online.

It seems like when you post things online for everyone to see you have this pressure to make it perfect. It’s like we’re trying to make each other jealous by one-upping each other. “Look at my cute dog”, “Check out my new designer bag my wealthy boyfriend got me”, “Just bought a new car”, “We’re pregnant again with another perfect angel of a child”... you get the idea. Instagram photos are taken with thousands of dollars worth of photography equipment and then edited in software only a brand new macbook pro can handle before being posted. Tweets are composed at the level of a full staff of writers for Saturday Night Live. Snapchat eliminates that pressure by allowing you to capture a moment in time using only the Snapchat app. You can’t use previously taken photos or videos. The messages are erased after a few seconds so there is little expectation for a perfect shot to be hung in a museum gallery. Have you ever went back a few years on your Facebook or Twitter account and looked at what you were posting? “What the heck was I thinking? I wish I never said that. I hope my boss never saw that…” That’s when I wish we had Snapchat sooner. Also when I wish I had come up with the idea myself.

With all this chatter about the NSA and big brother listening in, it’s nice to know you have an option like Snapchat. Now if the police contact Snapchat before your snap gets delivered, they can recover it. But once the end user opens it, the image or video is gone.

Another thing about Snapchat is the ease of use. There are no confusing options. It’s just shoot a photo or video and draw on it. Select your recipients and you’re done. Happy snapping. Send me a Snapchat at username LankyA.