The Latest Video Marketing Statistics for 2016

I'm always trying to stay ahead of trends. I've heard people talk about being trendy as if it's a bad thing. But I think if you can be at the beginning of a trend you benefit from it. Let's talk about trends in marketing. Pretend you are a cat. And you want to catch mice. When you find a new area with mice in it, before there are lots of other cats, it is easy to catch them and there are plenty to get. When other cats hear of your success they flock to that area. The same is with marketing. When a new platform or strategy is working for early adopters, it then becomes a trend, then it becomes the norm, then it becomes saturated and it gets harder and harder to generate leads and sales. Get it?

I recently came across this post: The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2016 by Amber Moore.  She took the time to sift through thousands of statistics on marketing and compiled a list of 347. Click the link above to see all of them. 

I found some awesome stats about video marketing that are really important. I've listed them below with their sources.

60% of marketers are looking to use video in 2016, a 20% YoY rise. ALF Insight, 2016.

74% of online traffic in 2017 will be video-based. Usabilla, 2015

Shoppers who view video are 1.81X more likely to purchase than non-viewers. Adobe, 2015.

61% of businesses told us they currently use video as a marketing tool. Of these, 66% were NOT using video just 12 months ago. Wyzowl, 2016.

91% of businesses say they plan to increase or maintain their spending on video in 2016. Wyzowl, 2016.

93% of businesses who use video believe that it has increased user understanding of their product or service. Wyzowl, 2016.

64% of businesses who use video believe that it has directly led to increased sales. Wyzowl, 2016.

53% of businesses who use video say they struggle to promote the video content they produce. Wyzowl, 2016

A staggering 98% of users say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. Wyzowl, 2016.

74% of users who watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service subsequently bought it. Wyzowl, 2016.

77% of consumers say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video. Wyzowl, 2016.

67% of marketers plan on increasing their YouTube marketing. Social Media Examiner, 2015.

Cool right? So why am I saying video marketing is a trend? Video has been around since the early 1900s. But now, with the availability of high speed internet and devices that can handle streaming High Definition quality content, video is everywhere, not just on your TV. You now have a device that fits in your pocket that you look at several times a day. You may even be reading this on your phone right now. When was the last time you watched a video on your phone? A few minutes ago? Yup, isn't technology great. The reason why video marketing is such an important medium is this, there are still a lot of people not doing video marketing and most aren't doing it properly. It hasn't become the norm yet. Remember a decade ago you weren't carrying a smart phone and watching videos on it several times a day. Older marketers are still doing video marketing for TV commercials or to put up on a website. Those are a great part of your marketing strategy, but it's all about video ads on social media now.

I Need Your Help

I need your help.

Are you a Millennial and do you consider yourself an Entrepreneur?

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Only 4% of Business is owned by Millennial Entrepreneurs.

"Millennials are lazy and have a sense of entitlement". This generation is the first in U.S. history to enter adulthood in worse economic shape than their parents. The unemployment rate for millennials is higher than it was for their parents at the same age, and they have higher student debt. 66% of Millennials have a desire to start their own business. Yet, only 4% of all businesses are owned by a Millennial.
. .
. .
This is why Millennial Entrepreneurs like Josh Hayhurst are so amazingly incredible. I am super proud of Josh. He is the definition of a successful Millennial Entrepreneur. @mrhayhurst saw that the way Martial Arts was being taught was antiquated and broken. He took a risk, and invested in recreating how martial arts is taught to kids. He created @Superdojo a martial arts school focused on teaching kids and their parents important life lessons. Josh was already a success before we started working together. Since we've been working together he has come a long way and has grown his business in more ways than just new members. 
. .
. . 
You only have so much time and energy in the day. I'm very careful to protect my time and energy by choosing who I work with. I'm happy that I'm at a place in my life and business that I can turn down opportunities because I know it doesn't help me achieve my vision. Some people or projects can suck all of your energy and make time stand still. That's why I love working with Josh so much. When we get together, time flies. A two hour meeting turns into 4 hours before I realize it and it only feels like a few minutes. I look forward to every time we have a meeting scheduled. We have fun and learn from each other. Through working together we have become great friends. 
. .
. .
I absolutely love working with other Millennial Entrepreneurs. I get so much joy and pride when I see them succeed. Yet, there aren't very many Millennial Entrepreneurs that are actually doing anything. If you're one of the 66% that want to start a business and you haven't yet, I challenge you to do something today to work towards that goal. The time is now and the competition is low. You know what you need to do. Stop making excuses. Go and do it.

Business Coaches Are Bullshit

"Business coaches or life coaches are total bullshit. Why would I pay someone to "coach" me?" I thought the concept was just preposterous. I was new to being in business for myself. I had no idea what I was doing but I thought I did.
. .
. .
Fast forward to today, I've had an awesome coach for several years, Alan Kovitz. He's helped me realize things about myself that I never knew. He's helped me discover what inspires me, my purpose and who I really am. Through his coaching and instruction I've learned how to create a strategic plan and execute it. Not only has my business grown every year, my life has gotten better. Thank you, Alan, and thank you to all my mentors and peers who have been there along the way. Without you I wouldn't be where I am today.
. .
. .
Having a coach, mentors and accountability partners have been amazing for my life and business. When you're your own boss, there's no one to answer to, no one to tell you what to do. It sounds awesome, but it's tough. Having people around you to keep you accountable and to push you is necessary. I encourage you to get connected to someone or a group of people that will hold you accountable. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up, push you beyond what you think possible, and inspire you for greatness.‪#‎entrepreneur‬ ‪#‎greatness‬ ‪#‎accountability‬ ‪#‎motivation‬ ‪#‎getacoach‬‪#‎lifebydesign‬ ‪#‎fulltimefamily‬ @bollocks17

Family First

Let me start by saying this isn't an April Fools post. I wake up every day happy. I absolutely love my life. I identify myself first as a husband to my wonderful partner, @serena.ryan and second as a father to my two amazing boys, Alexander and Theodore. I believe that my vocation or what I do to make money doesn't define who I am. 
. .
. .
When making life decisions I think first about my family. I can't believe I've been married to Serena for almost 7 years! My boys are 4 & almost 2. Time flies faster than we realize. The most important part of my life is my family. Serena and I have been able to craft our lifestyle to be able to spend time together doing what we want to do. We love to travel and experience the world around us. 
. .
. .
This lifestyle isn't the easiest and it's not for everyone. There have been hard times but the good outweighs the bad. Sometimes the bills pile up and you don't know when you will get the funds for it. Yet we always push forward. We created our business to be conducted anywhere an internet connection is available. 
. .
. .
We teach our kids at home and have joined schooling programs with other families. We're able to spend a lot of our time with our kids and focus on their development and happiness. These moments are precious and we only get one chance at this life.
. .
. . 
Although not everyone agrees with our lifestyle choices, I can't imagine having it any other way. Thank you, Serena, for being by my side 100% all-in on this life adventure of ours. Thank you to all of our family, friends, mentors and clients who have helped us along the way. 
. .
. .
My hope is that you are also living a life full of love and happiness, doing everyday what you want to do. Life is too short and too precious to let it pass you by. I challenge you to do something today that will bring you closer to your dream lifestyle. 
. .
. .
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How to Get More Google Reviews (Real Estate)

What's the first thing people do when they are referred to your practice? They look up your reviews online. And what website is the #1 Search Engine by far? Google. 

You need to have plenty of 5 star reviews for your practice when referrals are doing their research. In this short video, I show you step by step how to get more Google reviews for your practice. 

How to Get Google Reviews For Your Dental Practice

What's the first thing people do when they are referred to your practice? They look up your reviews online. And what website is the #1 Search Engine by far? Google. 

You need to have plenty of 5 star reviews for your practice when referrals are doing their research. In this short video, I show you step by step how to get more Google reviews for your practice. 

No More Downloads


Apps like Spotify, Pandora, and Google Music are making pirating music seem pointless.


My generation grew up listening to music on the radio and on cassette tape. To capture a song from the radio to cassette, we would hit record on our tape decks hoping we caught the song right at the beginning. Some kids had a dual cassette tape recorder. We used these to make our own mixtapes. The time and effort that went into making a mixtape made them so much more tangible. You had to put in work to get a good result. Then the internet happened. Anything that could be translated into a digital file was available to be shared across the world.

Napster was the first culprit of our pirating life. Although there were already networks that facilitated the distribution of files across the Internet, such as IRC, Hotline, and USENET, Napster specialized exclusively in music in the form of MP3 files and presented a user-friendly interface. At its peak there were 25 million users and 80 million songs, and the system never once crashed.

Napster made it relatively easy for music enthusiasts to download copies of songs that were otherwise difficult to obtain, like older songs, unreleased recordings, and songs from concert bootleg recordings. Some users felt justified in downloading digital copies of recordings they had already purchased in other formats, like LP and cassette tape, before the compact disc emerged as the dominant format for music recordings.

These reasons aside, many other users simply enjoyed trading and downloading music for free. They created a username and password and were able to make their own compilation albums on recordable CDs, without paying any royalties to the artist/composer or the estate of the artist/composer. High-speed networks in college dormitories became overloaded. Many colleges blocked its use for this reason, even before concerns about liability for facilitating copyright violations on campus.

After Napster was shut down, Kazaa and a few others picked up the traffic. With Kazaa and the increasing amount of internet speeds at the time, video files were shared more frequently. Songs were downloaded faster than you could listen to them.

Skip ahead a few years, bandwidth increases, the quality of media files increase and our thirst to have a vast music library increases. We are introduced to BitTorrent and use clients like Vuze and µTorrent. We can now download whole albums or complete recorded history of our favorite musicians. The whole while musicians are not seeing any profit from their work. The music recording industry has been compromised. The RIAA and the MPAA continue to fight against copyright infringement and pirating.

So what do you do? You’re an upright citizen of the world. You don’t want to steal anything. But it is so easy to just find anything online and take it for yourself. Well now we have options that make it foolish to pirate anymore. Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, Google Music and others have made it possible to listen and discover music without having to pay for it. We still use the internet to get the files, but now they are being streamed. You can either pay for monthly access or you can subject yourself to a few commercials. They need to pay the bills somehow. Who wants all these files anyway? Today it’s not about carrying around your music collection on your 80GB iPod, it’s about having any song at your fingertips at any moment. Wireless internet connected devices can now stream high quality music files over the air. We are living in the future. And we don’t have to be pirates anymore.


Snapchat: The Fun App With A Bad Rep

You’re in the bathroom just after an intense meeting. You’ve just received great news but during the meeting you were sweating profusely. How do you tell your friends that you are both excited but slightly embarrassed. You pull your smartphone out and debate what app to open. Should you post it to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? A message won’t do this justice. A picture must be taken to get the severity of your pit stains. You want to share this hilarious scenario but don’t want it posted for all the world to see or for someone to use as blackmail. You’re not looking to have a conversation about it, you just want to make your friends laugh. Snapchat is your answer. The one-way picture messaging app that self destructs like Inspector Gadget’s messages from the chief.

Snapchat is at an all time high in popularity right now.  It’s been in the news recently for declining a $3 Billion offer from Facebook. Seriously, three billion dollars. You could purchase a new Toyota Camry every day for 274 years. That’s a lot of money. Snapchat has also been in the news for being a sexting app. The media believes that teens and college kids are sending lewd photos of themselves because of the view-once-and-it’s-gone feature of Snaphat. Are kids really doing this? Possibly, but not as much as they are using it just to have fun.

Brands and celebrities have been using Snapchat to get information out that may not be appropriate for a full media blitz with proper marketing and graphics. It’s also letting them have fun with their followers without having a permanent footprint online.

It seems like when you post things online for everyone to see you have this pressure to make it perfect. It’s like we’re trying to make each other jealous by one-upping each other. “Look at my cute dog”, “Check out my new designer bag my wealthy boyfriend got me”, “Just bought a new car”, “We’re pregnant again with another perfect angel of a child”... you get the idea. Instagram photos are taken with thousands of dollars worth of photography equipment and then edited in software only a brand new macbook pro can handle before being posted. Tweets are composed at the level of a full staff of writers for Saturday Night Live. Snapchat eliminates that pressure by allowing you to capture a moment in time using only the Snapchat app. You can’t use previously taken photos or videos. The messages are erased after a few seconds so there is little expectation for a perfect shot to be hung in a museum gallery. Have you ever went back a few years on your Facebook or Twitter account and looked at what you were posting? “What the heck was I thinking? I wish I never said that. I hope my boss never saw that…” That’s when I wish we had Snapchat sooner. Also when I wish I had come up with the idea myself.

With all this chatter about the NSA and big brother listening in, it’s nice to know you have an option like Snapchat. Now if the police contact Snapchat before your snap gets delivered, they can recover it. But once the end user opens it, the image or video is gone.

Another thing about Snapchat is the ease of use. There are no confusing options. It’s just shoot a photo or video and draw on it. Select your recipients and you’re done. Happy snapping. Send me a Snapchat at username LankyA.  


How To Be Pinteresting

Have you heard of Pinterest? By now you probably have.  Pinterest is a place to organize and share online images that you find interesting or inspiring. Once uploaded or shared on Pinterest, these images become known as Pins, which the user can place on customized, themed Boards. You can create Boards for any topic imaginable, from Baking to Yoga. The possibilities are endless. Beginning in March of 2010, Pinterest launched to a small group of 5000 people. The creator of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann, wrote a personal invitation to this first group offering his personal phone number for feedback. The photo based social media platform was only accessible by the users who were invited. I was invited to join in June 2011 and have been addicted since. On 10 August 2012, Pinterest was opened to everyone without an invitation.

Over the last few months you have probably heard about Pinterest quite a lot. The site’s popularity has exploded from 1.2 million users in August of 2011 to over 30 million today. But like any new social site, there’s always the question, “How does it work?” Have no fear. Read on and find out. 

For a lot of people Pinterest could just be a casual window shopping experience. You could just pin cool stuff all day long. Yet, Pinterest can be a really valuable tool to organize or plan for a specific purpose. For example, many people have ditched the mess of ripping pages out of magazines to store in a binder. Wedding planning has gone digital. Boards are created for each room in the house for decorating ideas. Artists create inspirational boards. Baking, cooking, and healthy recipe boards are popular. There are hundreds of thousands of boards for DIY projects with instruction. Because Boards can have multiple contributors, you can collaborate with your friends on a project. It makes it easy to keep everyone’s ideas and inspiration in one place.

Pinterest has created a “Pin It Button” that you can download to your web browser. Once installed in your browser, the “Pin It” button lets you grab an image from any website and add it to one of your pinboards. When you pin from a website, Pinterest automatically grabs the source link so it can credit the original creator.  If you find inspiration on the go, take a picture with your iPhone or Android and add it to your Boards with the mobile app. 

Pinterest is a social media network. This means that you’re not doing this alone. Find your friends by connecting your Facebook account and importing your email contact lists. Follow their boards to see what they are pinning. Chances are that you’re friends are interested in the same things. To find other Pinners, access the “Everything” drop-down menu and filter Boards by category. Since Pinterest is similar to twitter, you don’t have to follow Boards or people that you aren’t interested in, even if they are following you. Pinterest recently released the ability to select boards to be private. This is especially helpful when planning a surprise or if your husband to be is also on Pinterest. We don’t want him seeing that wedding dress. 

Pinterest plays nicely with your Facebook and Twitter account so that you can share your activity across your other platforms.